Users enjoy Goluk’s social sharing feature

Users enjoy Goluk’s social sharing feature

The number of Goluk’s international App users has grown significantly over the past few months exceeding 2000 as of last week.  To get some insights, we have asked them a few questions about their experience with Goluk and here is what we found out.

The MagicKey remote button appears to come in handy for our App users.

32According to the data we collected, 16% of the respondents pushed the MK button  more than 20 times during the past month and 22% of them —  more than 10 times. This means that, on average, the respondents used this function once every 2 days of the week!

magic-keyA quick reminder: the magic key is mostly used in case a driver wants to capture an interesting incident on the road, while emergency videos are saved automatically when sudden braking occurs.

With that in mind, although the overwhelming majority of our users (83%) reportedly purchased Goluk dashcam to record road accidents, it appears that they’ve also enjoyed the ‘fun’ aspect of it as well as its social sharing feature since nearly a quarter of the users check out other people’s videos in the App once every single day.



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  1. T J says:

    Unit will not record sound


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