Top car accessories of 2016

Top car accessories of 2016

Data shows that an average person spends about 1.5 hours a day behind the car wheel. That accounts to incredibly long 5 years spent in a car in a lifetime! And we all know how frustrating some of those countless hours can get sometimes…

But what is it that makes us  go crazy on the road? Traffic, of course. But there isn’t much to do about that unless we all simultaneously switch to self-driving cars. However, there are little things you can do to make time spent in your car a little better. Those little things are called accessories.

Keep it organized1

Most cars don’ have enough easily accessible storage space, smart phones bring the most trouble as they’re usually sliding all over the place and falling down while driving. Get one of those Car Carrying Bag Stickers for your car and keep your phone neatly tucked away right next to the charging station.

There are all sorts of small portable car storage units that can help utilize the space in your car.
Especially popular are hooks attached to the back of the front seat that can serve many different purposes.


Keep it clean2

Better safe than sorry. This principle definitely works for the inside of the car. If you often have kids or pets in your car, be sure to cover it up so you won’t have to pay for rather expansive car salon cleaning. Luckily, now you can purchase a variety of nice looking cover ups on Amazon. Something like this would work great for the backs of the front seats.

Some sources suggest keeping a trashcan in the car, but this might prompt you to collect garbage and not to dispose of it right away. One thing you should definitely do is to keep important documents in order so that you can reach them quickly whenever you need them.

Keep it fun

Wanna change up the style of your car but not ready for commitment? There are many great option that help alter the look of the vehicle a little and can be easily removed if necessary. We really like this side door handle cover, for example. It can definitely make dull Fall mornings feel a little bit happier. Apart from that, you could also add an air freshener to remind you of that summer fragrance in the air!



Keep it safe

Above anything else, one thing you want your car to always be is safe. Goluk’s safety features include forward collision morning, fatigued driving warning and parking mode motion detection.

It is also super compact and almost undetectable  sitting behind your rear view mirror so you are not distracted by it while driving. Be safe!


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