GoLuk Dashcam is a very capable camera for safety and security

GoLuk Dashcam is a very capable camera for safety and security

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I have to admit that I’ve never considered a dashcam to be ‘super fun’. I consider them to be a device to help with safety and security – but not super fun. GoLuk is a company that focuses on the security aspect of the dashcams but they label their camera ‘super fun’. Their mission is to help build a strong community of mindful drivers. One big difference between the GoLuk camera platform and others I’ve used is the ability to share your footage. This camera connects to your phone (iOS or Android) and allows you to share footage captured at any time through social media.

So, taking a closer look at the actual equipment – it arrived in a nicely branded box with the GoLuk logo stamped on the front. Even though the packaging has little to do with the function of the camera, I do appreciate the proper information listed (specs and what’s in the box) on the box and the care that was taken with the design. All of the contents are carefully wrapped up and encased in a plastic housing inside the box. When you open it up, you’ll find the camera, its wireless remote controller, a very long charging cable, car charger with two USB ports, the mounting bracket with 3M adhesive on it, a package with 3M tape and cable clips, and of course, the quick start guide/manual. One thing that is blissfully missing from the package is a memory card. There isn’t one included, but the camera accepts Micro SD cards up to 64GB in size and class 10 or above is recommended.

Set-up of the camera is quite easy. This dashcam is a little different than other’s I’ve used because it doesn’t have its own viewing screen. Instead, you use your smartphone as the screen. You connect to the camera as a WiFi network by going to WiFi Settings and selecting the network that has the word GoLuk in it. Once you do that, you return to the GoLuk app to use your phone as the screen. You have the option to watch the live feed of the video as you drive, you can recall the video already recorded on the camera, or review the video clips you have saved to your local library. I like this type of structure, but you can only operate in this manner if the camera is connected to your car (power).

The GoLuk camera starts automatically recording as soon as it’s connected to power and it pauses recording when the camera’s sensors determine the vehicle is no longer in motion. The mount is different from others, too, because it is strictly adhesive and not based off of a suction cup. I like this because the adhesive is very strong, but I wish it had been designed with the flexibility of a suction cup mount so that it could be removed when necessary. You can remove the camera from the mount, but it’s not very easy to pull the camera out of it after it’s been locked into place.

The video quality is good. You can see from the example below that with the exception of my dirty windshield, the picture is quite clear. To test out the recording/auto-recording function, I drove around my neighborhood and visited a nearby gas station. As I described above….

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