Presidential dashcam design…

Presidential dashcam design…

Perhaps one of the coolest things about Goluk dashcam is its design. It is simple and sleek, elegant and techy looking. Depending on what you’re looking for, Goluk can either act as a discreet, almost invisible car accessory or make a statement and emphasize your personal style.

 Goluk also shows flexibility by offering customized dashcam design to its corporate clients. Take the Goluk T2 mini edition dashcams as an example. Working one of China’s biggest BMW MINI dealer, British Wings Group, Goluk created a series of custom made dashcams just for them.


As with MINI, we at Goluk like to stick to what’s trending and popular, so of course we could not leave the 2016 Presidential elections unattended. After the final presidential debate, we sat down to discuss the performance of the candidates, and we wondered:

If we were to create a custom made dashcam for the two of them, what would the design look like? Here is what we have come up with…

1. Hillary Clinton


Elegantly dressed, Hillary prefers making a statement with color. Bright red, blue and pure white have all been seen on Ms. Former Secretary of State. Not to mention her campaign logo, bright red and piercing blue against the white background… A killer combination! That is why we decided it was safe to assume that, in order to bring a pop of color to her otherwise boring black vehicle,  she would pick a bright red design for her personalized dashcam (if she ever drove herself, of course, lol).

In terms of the “safety features”, perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to lock the footage on the federal cloud in case Putin decides to hack and post Clinton’s favorite destinations on WikiLeaks.


2. Donald Trump

Even though the dress code of presidential debates probably does not allow over the-top outfits, Mr. Trump has found a way to incorporate a truly “presidential” touch to his outfit through his various fancy neck ties.


Looking at Trump’s designer tie collection as well as at the marvelously posh interior design of his house, we assume that Donald would most likely order a golden dashcam proudly branded with the “TRUMP” logo.


And of course, he probably would want to enhance his parking security mode to detect and report any passerby Mexicans or to shut down the recording whenever any kind of “locker room talk” occurs.




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