Goluk Customer Support Notice

Goluk Customer Support Notice

Hi there Goluk User!

Today (11/17/2016), Goluk is launching a new customer support platform for our official website powered by Tawk.to Live Chat.

We are happy to assist you on a 24/7 basis, but please bear in mind that we might not be in the same time zone as you are since our main office is located in Beijing, China. We will still try our best to get back to you as soon as possible to help you solve the problem. You can find the chat window on the Home page of the Goluk website!

To make our communication more efficient, please provide this information when you describe your problem (should you have one):

  1. Your phone brand and model
  2. Your Goluk dashcam model
  3. Your SD card brand, class and capacity
  4. Your phone’s system
  5. Your app and firmware version
  6. Detailed description of your problem
  7. If you have a screenshot displaying more details, please attach it as well
  8. We will be very grateful if you could record a video showing the steps you take and upload it to YouTube!

Feeling a bit confused about Goluk video modes?

Please check out our online manuals and handbooks for using Goluk dash cam and app here.

We will be happy to hear from you any time!


Goluk Customer support


20 responses to “Goluk Customer Support Notice”

  1. An Tang says:

    Unable to upgrade new firmware, T3U_V1.10126.0196
    On my Android phone, I am connected to the internet and my Wifi got disconnected or WIFI got connected and internet got disconnected, unable to get both at the same time. that why I am unable to upgrade my new version firmware, Please advise or any alternative way to upgrade?

    An Tang 1-206-356-5105
    Digital Technology Solutions, INC.

  2. Your manual states: "Please visit Goluk official
    website or official WeChat account for enquiries if you would like to
    purchase a Goluk voltage regulator. "

    I don't see it anywhere. Please send me a link to this item.

    • goluk_admin says:

      Hi John, please feel free to choose the "hard wire kit" aka "Goluk voltage regulator" from the dropdown menu in the product's overview page to purchase it! http://en.goluk.com/pages/t1-overview.html

  3. Adonias Viana says:

    Contratulations !

    Yesterday support by chat was the best ! Clarify all my doubts !

    Thank you !

  4. John says:

    How can I get another package of 7 clips for the wire that goes to my camera?

    • Goluk says:

      Yes! Here is the link: https://shopgoluk.com/collections/accessories/products/routing-clips

      • John says:

        Twenty dollars for shipping a pack of 7 clips? My God, that's too much! Is there no dealer in the USA that has these?


        • Goluk says:

          Unfortunately, not at the moment. Please send us an email to info@goluk.com and we can try to figure out a solution. Cheers!

        • Goluk says:

          Hello, we are sorry for that and now we made some adjustment for all orders with free shipping to USA. Thanks.

    • Goluk says:

      Hello, you could purchase it from Goluk official online store.We offer free shippings for most of the countries and regions. Thanks.

  5. Daniel says:

    Golucke t2 will not recognize my Sid card. Help!!

    • Goluk says:

      Hello, please try to format the SD card through computer and then re-insert it to see if the problem solves. Thanks.

  6. John Karlovich says:

    I sent a email to 'service@goluk.com' still no answer? Is it the wrong address you have advertized?

    I have the camera connected but cannot connect to Goluk? Says my phone number is not registered, I get a code like +18572197054 and it says use pin 7742 in the app. But does nothing, what am I suppose to do next? ….. I hit resend and it gives me a new code and pin but I never get to the next step, what am I not doing or doing wrong?


    John N Karlo

  7. Johnny Rodriguez says:

    Is there any way that i can connect to my dash cam and internet on my phone at the same time.

    • Goluk says:

      Hello, Android phones can only use mobile data or WiFi internet at one given moment.So, when you connect to Goluk WiFi, your mobile data will become unavailable.
      For some IOS phones, it can both connect dash cam and internet at the same time. But others can't. Thanks.

  8. This information is very helpful to me, thank you very much for the information

  9. i upgraded my iPhone 6 to an iPhone 8s (i no longer have the 6 in my possession)
    i have a T2 that is still active, but i am unable to "join" its wi-fi since the latest update. (
    when i attempt to connect to "albums | Loop" it says "join to Goluk_xxxx, your password is 123456789" i enter that password and it says "incorrect password for network "goluk_t2_xxxxxx"

    how do i pair my phone with my camera? when i upgraded the phone i restored the backup of the 6 to my 8s, so it "technically" is the same phone.

    • Goluk says:

      Hello. Thank you for purchasing Goluk and sorry to hear that you’re experiencing a problem with it. You have changed your password, right? If you can't remember the changed password, please reset the camera and the initial password will be 123456789. Please Find the reset button(at the bottom of the dash cam).Find a sharp thing( needle,pin for example) to press for 6 seconds.  Don't leave the sharp thing until you hear" Goodby Goluk".Thanks.


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