Firmware and app update for T-series – March 30th 2017

Firmware and app update for T-series – March 30th 2017

Firmware upgrade:

T3:    T3U_V1.2.0322.0208

T1: T1_V1.5.0926.0924

T2:   T2_V1.0.0725.0894

Software upgrade: 

Android: 1.3.1

iOS: 1.2.9

Dear Goluk users!

We wanna share a few words about our new firmware and software upgrades that were recently released. Some new features of our products are as follows:

Optimized firmware upgrade settings

Now users are able to install firmware versions they had saved before even without connecting to mobile data. This brings convenience for users who do not always have access to mobile internet. If you do not wish to upgrade your firmware at a given moment, you can also choose to “ignore” the firmware upgrade.

Improved video playback settings

In order to better your video viewing experience, we added video playback supporting settings. Now you can change picture resolution by tapping the 1080P icon in the top left-hand corner of the video, which will allow the video to playback quicker! Choose low picture resolution if you feel your videos take too long to load and play.

Added VK social sharing feature

We are happy to announce that our international market is growing and Russian users are about to join our fun video community of drivers! Therefore, we added Russian language firmware support and Vkontakte (Russian Facebook) sharing feature. Let’s share our driving experiences with users all over the world!

Fixed bugs and improved performance

We are constantly trying to  enhance the performance of our product based on your feedback. If you notice that there is something wrong with the app or the firmware, please drop us a line on the main page of our website! Your feedback is extremely valuable to us!

Good luck and Goluk!






5 responses to “Firmware and app update for T-series – March 30th 2017”

  1. Ralph Mason says:

    Goluk T2 arrived yesterday from Amazon. Cannot connect to Android version 7. Tried all troubleshooting steps, no luck. My mobile carrier is Republic Wireless with Moto G4 Plus. Ready to return to Amazon for refund and bad reviews very poor documentation. Please advise ASAP.
    Thank you.

  2. Keith says:

    I have recently upgraded firmware (T3U_V1.2.0322.0208) now I don't receive automatic downloads to my Samsung 7 phone as I did before the upgrade, How do I download now?
    Thanks Keith

    • Sue, Goluk says:


      Thank you for purchasing Goluk and sorry to hear that you’re experiencing a problem with it.

      Please open Goluk App and find" me" at the right hand bottom of the home page. Then find "dashcam management" to enter. You'll see "firmware update".

      We have submitted the auto receive download issue to tech department and hope they could settle it in the near future.

      Sorry for the inconvenience and any other question please feel free to let us know. Thanks.

      Sue, Goluk team

  3. Can you please share lastest firmware for T-series


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