Goluk releases a new accessory for T-series dashcams

Goluk releases a new accessory for T-series dashcams
Dashcams come with a huge number of accessories and mounting solutions, most common of all are 3-M tape based mounts and suction cup mounts.
While 3-M tape mounts are great for video stability, suction mounts come with a great variety of benefits as an additional accessory.

Some benefits of suction mounts include:

1) Easy Installation
2) Easy mounting and demounting
3) Angle adjustment
4) No marks on the windshield
A suction cup mount is especially handy if you have multiple vehicles and have to switch between them. Or if you want to temporarily place the dashcam in your vehicle.

On April 28th, 2017, Goluk released its new suction cup mount

The new accessory can be purchased on our official website and on amazon.com.

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