Firmware Updates Goluk T3 2016/05/09

Firmware Updates Goluk T3 2016/05/09

Hey guys,

Just a few words on what’s new in the latest Goluk firmware update.

 International version number: T3U_V1.3.0504.0229
Wifi connection optimization

Wifi connection is an essential element of all Goluk products so we worked very hard to ensure positive customer experience. We have altered the way the T3 connected to Wifi so now the connection is faster and more stable.

Looping video preview

In order to guarantee looping videos can be previewed quickly and easily, we have made some changes to the firmware of the T3. In order to achieve a smoother video playback, we isolated video recording and video preview. Now, whenever a looping video is being viewed,  loop video recording will be paused and resumed again once the video viewing session has finished.

So go ahead and update your firmware accordingly.

Good luck and Goluk!





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