Goluk T-Series Dashcams – Impactful Modern Design for Your Car

Goluk T-Series Dashcams – Impactful Modern Design for Your Car

Accessories complete the look. This rule applies to any design work, be it an outfit, a room or a car makeover.
Providing extra security and peace of mind on the road, car dashboard cameras are becoming indispensable car accessories for many of us. Like any accessory, dashcams come in different shapes, colors and sizes, but do all of them look presentable after being installed in your vehicle?

The answer is “No”. Many dashcams come with huge bulky screens and are made of cheap plastic material and even despite the supposedly inconspicuous black color, all you can see is that huge goofy-looking piece of…. electronics hanging down your windshield entangled in meters of wires.

The Goluk dashcam is an entirely different story, though. Apart from the camera’s clear and crisp full HD 1080P video, the elegant style of the dashcam is among the first things literary any reviewer out there remarks on.

Whether you are going for a fancy or a fun, playful look, Goluk T-series dashcams will perfectly blend in your car’s interior. That is one of the reasons why the T-series dashcams appeal to owners of luxury and sports cars and regular vehicles alike.

The camera’s cylinder well-proportioned shape and tiny size allow it to be easily concealed behind the rear view mirror, while muted and minimal color palette instantly brings a simple, elegant and techy vibe to your windshield. Installation accessories include a mini-sized windshield mount and wire clips, allowing a quick and professional looking installation of the dashcam with no special tools required.

Check out the photo gallery of Goluk T1 dashcam installed in various vehicles. What car do you drive? Show off your Goluk by tweeting the image and tagging @iGoluk.



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