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  1. Mike Muckley says:

    I wanted to turn off audio recording but am disappointed that when my t2 plays back looped recordings at 240p my conversations have been recorded

    • Goluk says:

      Hello, sorry for the inconvenience. For 240p the audio can't be disabled. We have informed the tech dept and hope it could be changed in the near future. Thanks.

  2. Hans Prorok says:

    Tell me if I am wrong, but I don't see how I can easily transfer any of your products from one rental car to another. I do a lot of traveling and I would need an easier way to mount the Goluk T3 to the windshield, for example, of my rental car with a suction cup or mount to the mirror arm so I can remove it and put it into my suitcase. It appears that the Goluk products require a semi-permanent installation using adhesives.

    • Goluk says:

      Hello, thanks for your message. Goluk suction mount can remove easily. Please see the below link:

  3. PR says:

    Your site states that in parking mode, power consumption should be about 100mA. I'm testing and setting up my T3 on my desk and I'm seeing power consumption of around 380mA in parking mode. With two of these devices ( front and back ) that means it would ( theoretically ) drain a 60AH battery in just 62.5 hours. However, the car would fail to start LONG before that.

    Why is it using so much power? My son's Nexbase dashcam only uses 280mA in normal mode and that's with the LCD screen on!

    Settings -
    G-sensor : Low
    Parking guard : On
    Motion detection : On
    F/W : T3U_v1.3.0606.0237 ( current )


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