The Perfect Holiday Gift 2017

The Perfect Holiday Gift 2017

Winter holidays, family time, warm hugs, decorations and good food – it is all exciting and rewarding but it does come at a price…

Hours spent online researching gift ideas for friends and relatives, or worse – trying to make your way around through crowded shopping malls during last minute holiday gift shopping. Sounds like a nightmare?

Well, it won’t be your nightmare this year. We have figured out the perfect holiday gift for anyone – a car dashcam.

What is a car dashcam?

A car dashboard camera (dashcam) is the perfect driving safety tool monitoring your daily commutes and carefully storing important events in the separate folder, or better still, saving it directly to your phone. Dashcams record phenomenally crisp and clear full HD 1080P videos making sure road disputes are solved on the spot, parking incidents and hit-and-runs are no longer an issue and road rage is easily exposed.

What makes a dashcam a great gift?

It’s practical

It’s hard to argue that presents that bring a lot of value and benefits are the best. Dashcams can be extremely useful for any car owner throughout the year. Most importantly, by giving someone a dashcam you show how much you car about their safety and well-being. It is a truly meaningful gift.

It’s universal

Dashcams are not just for guys. Often, lady drivers are exposed to more risky situations while driving and require an extra pair of “eyes” on the road to avoid insurance fraud cases, tailgating or even aggression. You can give a dashcam to a person of any age, profession and gender.

Few dashcams have extended functionality enabling them to act as a wearable cameras or an action cameras, but there are some out there that can do that. With additional accessories, a dashcam can be turned into a gift for someone who doesn’t even own a car, but enjoys bike rides or, generally, does lot’s of exciting stuff on a regular basis.

It’s exciting

Who doesn’t love a fresh new tech toy to play with? Nowadays, many dashcams are not just a piece of plastic you stick on your windshield and forget about, but elaborate high-tech gadgets able to make the heart of any tech-savvy melt. Many dashcams can now connect with your phone via Wi-Fi and offer ways to share fun videos to social media.Some videos might even go viral and stir heated discussions online:

It’s affordable

With Black Friday Sales only 1 week away, many electronic products, including dashcams, will be on sale.

For instance, you can get a Goluk dashcam, which is a champion holiday gift combining all of the points above at nearly 70% OFF!

Follow us on social media for update on our Black Friday Cyber Monday Sales (Nov 24th-27th 2017) and check our shop periodically for updates. Free shipping, coupon codes and freebies will all be available during the Black Friday Sale!

Check out Goluk’s official website

Happy Holidays!



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