Goluk Brings New Video Editing Experience to Users

Holidays are coming and Goluk has prepared an early Christmas gift for its users – a brand new video editing  experience to make video sharing ever more fun.

With the new app release (version 1.4.1), Goluk added 5 new features to its video editor:


1) Capture, Split, Add

Combine different video in one, shorten and split your videos as you wish – your imagination is your only limit.

Whether you are editing a fun compilation of car accidents or cutting out all the noise to make sure that the most important moment of the video is clearly captured, the new video editor is up to the task!




2) Scale

Adjust the angle of the video, the screen ratio or flip the video to display what you have captured in the best possible way.




3) Speed up/ Slo-mo 

Perhaps one of the most fun features in this update is the one that allows you to change the speed (accelerate/ slow down) the video. This is not only useful for making the video more fun, sometimes slowing down the footage can be helpful in showing details in a road accident or capturing license plate numbers or faces of drivers or passengers in a fast-paced video recording.




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