Accessories on us! Upload your best video on Goluk App

Accessories on us! Upload your best video on Goluk App
Get FREE suction cup mount, hardwire kit, extra windshield mount for T-series, $50 Goluk Gift Card and loads of freebies if you join our Goluk App T-series video competition.
A. Accident (day/night)
B. Scenery (Best Sunset, Best Sunrise, Best Cloud Formation, Best City Alleys)
C. Parking Security Mode (day/night)
How to join:
A. Participate by using a hashtag #golukcompetition #bestsunset #bestsunrise #bestcloudformation #bestcityalleys and mention the country to describe the video based on category. For example, the video is a sunset and was taken in UK the uploader must describe it this way: #golukcompetition #bestsunset in UK he/she must write the email address on the comment + the best description of the video.
B. The selection is based on the number of LIKES, the number of views and the judgment of Goluk International team.
C. All winning videos will be FEATURED on weekly basis.
D. Prizes of the winners: suction cup mount, hardwire kit, phone rings, stickers, Goluk bag windshield mount for Tseries and Goluk Gift Card worth $50. Valid from July 27 to August 31, 2018, only.
E. Anyone can participate (worldwide). Three (3) uploads per week and must not repeat video, no flooding post, winners cannot enter the competition again. Let’s give others a chance.
F. Three (3) weekly winners will be chosen. The winning video will be selected by category (accident, scenery, parking mode). Winners will be notified via email, he/she must send the winning video attached to the email, provide the address and contact number, and he/she will pay for the shipping fee only.


Hardwire kit will allow you to activate 24-hours parking security and monitoring. Join before it’s too late.

Email us for more details.


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