CEO, dash cam with face recognition is here

CEO, dash cam with face recognition is here

It’s finally here! Goluk CEO, Qian Jin announced today the first-of-its-kind face recognition ability of Goluk V2. A part of Goluk’s commitment to addressing the need for innovative fleet surveillance in and out of vehicles for maximum security and productivity. It is scheduled to be launched the first week of August 2018.

“Monitoring what’s happening out in the field with your fleet will reduce unnecessary costs”, Mr. Qian said.

Goluk V2

He also mentioned that the upgraded V2 with face recognition ability for small and large businesses has the ability to view daily fleet operations. Knowing what’s going on the field, review, track, view real-time status and activities of your vehicles is one powerful tool to minimize cost.

“It is important to monitor high-value assets and take swift action to recover stolen assets or manage the unauthorized use of vehicles.” Mr. Qian said.

He emphasized that Goluk will never stop to provide round-the-clock exceptional monitoring device be it GPS or non-GPS dashboard camera whilst to satisfy customer expectations before and after sales.  Face recognition ID technology helps the team take responsibility for company assets and the whereabouts of vehicles. This way, insurance claims and asset recovery are easy with a simple history look-up to show exactly what happened where he added.


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