Face to face with Goluk CEO in Moscow, the success isn’t ending soon


Moscow – Goluk CEO Qian Jin attended Crocus Expo Moscow and concluded with a great success. Kalensky Stanislav Vladimirovich and Puzikov Oleg Aleksandrovich of Goluk Team Russia finally met the man behind the Goluk brand Qian Jin. The face to face encounter with Goluk CEO start out by meeting the brand ambassador for Russia market. He is the guy who documents all of his journeys with a dog and Goluk dash cam. Russia is considered the strongest market of Goluk due to the fact that 90% of the drivers in this country uses car camera recorders as it is almost always used as an evidence of guilt or innocence of the driver.



Goluk Team Russia spoilt the CEO with lavish Russian meals, drinking and sportsmanship.

The highlight of this visit concluded a positive partnership with Russia BMW. The meet and greet with the officials of BMW and Goluk CEO will optimize the stronghold market of Goluk dash cam.




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