Congratulations to the 2018 Winners of Likes Exchange Rewards

GOLUK would like to congratulate all the participator of our October 2018  Likes Exchange Rewards Campaign.

This campaign aims to encourage people to share amazing road video with their friends and show their talent for shooting.  To surprise, we find Golukers are all artist. And you will be also amazed by their work. Videos they share include terrifying accident, cool motorcyclists, snow mountain, and cute animals.  You may find the below link to enjoy their video.

Not every participator return empty. People who contacted us to claim their prizes of this campaign all win an award. The Rewards we present are: 

Goluk Smart Charging Holder($79.99).

Installation Accessory Pack(24.99).

T-series Suction Cup Mount($25).

Bike or Motorcycle Handlebar Mount Holder for Goluk smart charging holder (9.99).


We hope you all who use Goluk Dashcam could attend our campaign to show your talent, exhibiting your video to the world.

Thanks for joining and once again congratulations!


Sharing Video Link:


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